We transformed the way EPD is manufactured

With film, not ink - we can now make operating process simpler.
Our expertise
  • Nano particle-ink Encapsulation
  • Application process of Nano & microcapsules
  • Nano particle production & surface control
  • Nano particle dispersion

How does our Electrophoretic Display (EPD) work?

  • 1
    Formulate stable nano particle dispersion
  • 2
    Control structure of the nano particle dispersion through electric field.
  • 3
    Drive optical properties such as reflection, transparency, and dispersion color exchange.
Core technology

Two types of EPD

Photonic Crystal Display
PCD is an electrically tunable photonic crystal material technology that is applicable to dispersed nano particles which are finely controlled by the electrical signal to display variable colors in all areas of visible light.
Light Control Material
LCM technology is developed based on an electrophoresis principle to control transmittance by the external electrical signal. This innovative technology enables negatively charged black nano particles in a transparent fluid to control the position of nano particles to change the level of transparency by the electrical signal.

EPD Film Specification

Basic color
Carbon Black
Particle size* [nm]
< 300
Solid content [%wt/vol]
1.5 ~ 5
Voltage [V]
0 ~ 15
Transmittance [%]
Dark state: > 5%
Transparent state: ~ 65%
Switching speed [ms]
< 500
Dispersed medium
Dielectric Medium


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