About Us

Founded to commercialize superior Nanotechnology

We were founded in Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) in 2018 with the purpose of commercializing superior nanotechnology.

Our Mission

1. To become a Leader in Reflective Display Materials
Our goal is to develop and supply innovative display materials based on nanotechnology, leading the industry by becoming the leading company in reflective display materials and components.
2. To innovate and supply high-quality materials at reasonable price
We will continue to make efforts to supply innovative display materials and components to our customers at reasonable prices.
3. To grow our company with employee
We respect individual employee from diverse majors and backgrounds. We will become a company that develop not only our expertise in the material field, but also growing our employees as company grows.
Our Team

Meet our dedicated research crews

Chul Am Kim

Founder and CEO

Dongjin Lee

Principal Researcher

Hyosun Bae

Senior Researcher

Yoojin Yim


Hayoung Kim


Jinseok Song


Hwamin Kim

Assistant Researcher

Aram Heo

Assistant Researcher​

Namhee Hwang

Head of Business Administration

Intellectual Properties

We will continue to innovate with the latest technology in nano particle production.
Encapsulated Polymer Fine Particles
Patent Number


Display Panel Structure And Driving Method
Patent Number


High Transmittance Variable Display Panel and Manufacturing Method
Patent Number


Electrophoretic Display and Manufacturing Method
Patent Number


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We are thankful to our partners and clients who have faith in us.

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Nspectra is transforming the way reflective displays are manufactured.

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